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Welcome to The Delaware Met
  • Welcome to The Delaware Met
    Inspired Learning, One Student at a Time
  • Rigor

The mission of the Delaware Met is to ignite the passions of high school students through the discovery and development of their unique interests; to empower students to develop self-confidence and create their own success through a personalized learning environment and purposeful internships of their choice; and, with the support of advisors and community partners, graduate as confident and capable young adults, prepared to make their mark on the world!

What's New??

Special Board Meeting - 2/2/16

There will be a Special Board Meeting on Tuesday, February 2, 2016 at 5:30pm hosted at the Delaware Met.

Big Picture Learning

The Delaware Met is a member of the international Big Picture Learning network. Each student at the Delaware Met is part of a small learning community called an advisory. The advisory is supported and led by an advisor, a teacher that works closely with each advisee to identify their interests and personalize their learning. Every student participates in core content classes and also learns in a real-world setting (internship) two times per week. A mentor from the Wilmington community helps to support the connection between content curriculum and real world application. Parents and families are actively involved in the learning process, helping to shape the student’s learning plan. The Big Picture Learning model ensures that students are prepared for college and beyond!

2015 Bus Route

Please click on the following link for The Delaware Met's 2015 Bus Route.

2015 Bus Route

Big Picture Learning

In 1995, Dennis Littky and Elliot Washor established Big Picture Learning in Rhode Island, with the motto of "education is everyone's business." They envisioned a school where students took ownership of their learning and built partnerships based on real world work and connections. Their school design, based on educating one student at a time, has been replicated throughout the country serving students of all backgrounds and abilities. Visit www.bigpicture.org for more information!

Our Diversity Statement

The Delaware Met believes that children who learn in diverse environments will flourish.

Contact Us

The Delaware Met 
920 N. French Street
Wilmington, DE 19801

If you have any questions, please contact The Delaware Met:

Phone: 302.654.7050
Fax: 302.654.7055